Full game available here, instructions below

Mirror Quest is a simple, challenging and fun Logic-based puzzle game. As the player, you control two identical avatars, or clones. As you swipe up left right or down both clones will be forced to move together on the gird based level (both will always move in the same direction). The objective is simple, maneuver both clones such that they end up on the teleporter key squares at the same time. To accomplish this task the player will need to utilize various tools and obstructions on the level grid to manipulate the clones’ movement. For example, while both clones are always forced to move together, if there is a solid obstacle in front of one clone but not the other, one clone will move forward while the other will remain in place; utilizing this interaction is crucial for solving these puzzles. Think you’re up for the challenge? Download Mirror Quest today on the app store to find out!