Programming Resume:


This resume serves to tell you more about me as a programmer. Not just the classes I’ve taken and the skills I’ve learned but also what type of programmer I am, how I approach and solve problems, and what my strengths and weakness are in programming. I will start by covering the classes I’ve taken and showcase some work from those classes as well as explain what the work represents and why I chose to showcase it. Ill then go through the specific programming skills I’ve acquired since I started coding in 5th grade and again showcase and describe some code that I believe represents those skills. Finally ill end with a paragraph describing my style of programming and talk a bit about myself and personality and how it affects my work life. I would also like to stress I believe my programming is best expressed in both of the large scale personal projects: Osou and Mirror Quest rather than the work I had to complete for school. both projects are accessible from this website (see top right) I will talk more about the specific skills I’ve gained from these projects in the skills section of this resume.



Closing Remarks:

As you might have picked up from this resume, I tend to be a little bit of a perfectionist when I am working on something I am passionate about, for better or for worst. I try to not just get something to work but to get it to work in the nicest cleanest way, and this can slow me down sometimes. I personally prioritize the quality of ones code over the speed at which they code. I tend to spend much more time thinking and planning in my head than I do actually coding. This can be a weakness as well as a strength however, and I often have to force myself, especially in interviews, to not get lost in the trying to find the most elegant possible solution. However given ample time and a project I am passionate about I am very confidant in my ability to create efficient and high quality code.