Artwork by Tammy Wetzel

Project 1: Mirror Quest

asymmetry is key

Mirror Quest is a tile based puzzle game released to the app store in 2019.  It focuses on themes of spatial problem solving and logic. To beat Mirror Quest one must understand the dynamics and relative positions of two separate avatars; despite its simplicity it poses a real challenge to those who play it. The full game is also available on this website as well as the app store.

Project 2: OSOU

touhou meets osu meets edm

OSOU is a rhythm based ‘bullet hell’ game that is still currently in development as of June 2022. As the name implies it is mash up of sorts of Touhou and osu! and features thematic elements from both games. Despite being 2D OSOU is a heavy weight ambitious project that is being built on the unreal engine to insure the highest quality of visual effects and performance optimization. An early alpha build of the game is available for download.

Project 3: TBT (will be revealed when OSOU is finished)

not a game